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The four members of American Authors – Zac Barnett (vocals), James Adam Shelley (guitar/banjo), Dave Rublin (bass), and Matt Sanchez (drums) – hail from the four corners of the country, but came together at Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 2006.  They soon dropped out, moved into a small apartment in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, and started a band.  American Authors bring their own influences and experiences to the table, creating pop-flavored alt rock sprinkled with four-part harmonies, spirited lyrics, and conta­gious optimism.  “We’re the authors of our lives,” said Barnett, “creating music from what we’ve lived, from what we hope for, from what we feel.  Every day is different and like every­one, our emotions change according to our personal highs and lows and by the challenges or triumphs that affect all of us.  We’re not afraid to be goofy one day and serious the next.  We just want to be true to ourselves and share our stories for as long as people are willing to listen.”

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