Frank Ocean

"In an age of kit-build superstars, a man who makes albums that could only be made by him" The Guardian

Frank Ocean

my name is frank ocean. i grew up in new orleans. i’m from odd future. i wrote nostalgia, ultra in spring 2010. i think i have synesthesia. i feel more like some type of visual artist than a musician when i’m working. i just mean my process is more about imagery. maybe people wanna call it a certain genre because i’m a black guy singing. i don’t really mind. to be honest, i don’t think much about it. i categorize it in itunes as bluegrass or death metal usually. i’m pretty sure i have synesthesia though. i also wear a kippah from time to time. i smoke marijuana, for anxiety. o & i used to battlerap in highschool. i was kinda good. lol.

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