Hussain Manawer

Hussain is a unique character in the UK’s musical landscape.

Hussain Manawer

An accomplished poet and writer, he is also an ambassador for the Samaritan’s charity, and a passionate campaigner for mental awareness (particularly amongst young people). As part of his work he has addressed the houses of parliament and given lessons on cyber bullying and coming with it in over 400 schools.


The Ilford native is also set to be the first British Muslim in space. He beat 30,000 other entries from over 90 different countries in the One Young World competition to win a place on one of the first commercial space flights going up over 100km into the atmosphere. As part of his entry he performed a poem based on a suicide letter from a boy to his mother, and at the winners ceremony dedicated the trip to everyone in the world who has suffered from mental health issues.


Written on the side of the M25, ‘I’m Ashamed’ was produced by music producer Moghul Veyron and comes at a time of political turmoil and unprecedented, international, humanitarian crisis. The track takes on this unstable global climate with a fusion of social commentary and artistic wordplay.


“Reading the news and playing out my day-to-day, I feel a lot of emotions and more often than not, things have a tendency to weigh heavy on me. Performance poetry gives me the opportunity to capture my imagination in words. It allows me to express those feelings and abstract thoughts in a way that provides a release and helps me to make sense of things.” said Hussain Manawer.


The track has been released to coincide with Hussain’s event at London’s Hackney Empire Theatre, where he (in collaboration with Kings College London) attempted to break/broke the world’s largest mental health lesson. Professor Dame Til Wilks presented a lecture on dealing with depression and maintaining good mental health and Hussain finished off the event with a stunning 20 minute set of poetry. Guests on the day included Sneakbo, Maya Jama, WSTRN and cast of BBC soap Eastenders .


‘I’m Ashamed’ is the first track to be released from Hussain’s debut EP “Am I Going to Deep”, set to be released on May the 8th to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week and proceeds will be going to Samaritan’s.

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