Olivia O’Brien

“I’m looking forward to releasing more music and showing who I am as an artist and songwriter.”

Olivia O’Brien


Olivia O’Brien first leapt into the public consciousness with her

velvety vocals on the summer hit “i hate u, i love u,” which she

co-wrote with singer-songwriter gnash. The emotive, down-tempo

track has racked up over 250 million Spotify plays, while its video,

which Olivia is also featured in, has earned over 70 million

YouTube views. “It’s still kind of a surprise to me,” Olivia says of

its success. “But I think ‘i hate u, i love u’ resonated with so many

people because love is a conflicting emotion. Even today I find

myself relating new experiences in my life back to the lyrics I

wrote over a year ago.”


Now signed to Island Records, Olivia is stepping out on her own

as an artist with her debut single “trust issues” — a swirling,

hip-hop-influenced track that opens with her singing: “And I don’t

want to say I’m a bitch but I’ll never be a Mrs. / I’m just gonna say

you’ll never see me in the kitchen / Cooking up some breakfast for

someone who doesn’t care.” “It’s really empowering for girls and

anyone who doesn’t want to be treated like they’re less than,”

Olivia says of “trust issues.” “It’s for anyone who finds it hard to

obtain self-worth without the approval of another person.”
The song is the latest display of Olivia’s lyrical maturity, the first

being ‘i hate you, i love u,’ which she wrote in her bedroom at the

age of 15. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Napa Valley, Olivia

has been singing and writing songs since the age of seven and

taught herself to play both the guitar and piano. She began

posting her original songs on SoundCloud for fun, not thinking

anything would come of it until gnash reached out on Twitter last

year after she posted a cover of one of his songs. After asking

Olivia if she had any original material, she sent him a voice-note of

the beginnings of ‘i hate u, i love u’ and he invited her down to

L.A. to record. Since then the song has gone viral, has sold over

half a million singles, and is approaching top 20 on the Billboard

Hot 100 chart. “It has completely changed my life,” Olivia says.

Olivia is now writing and recording songs with the goal of “creating

music that people can identify with and enjoy,” she says. “I’m

looking forward to releasing more music and showing who I am as

an artist and songwriter.”

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